Combined Transport

Speedline supports its operations with road transport in order to serve you at points where it cannot be reached by air. You can reach us to get detailed information about this service of Speedline, which has further expanded its service network with road transport, and to find out with which airports your cargo can connect with within the service possibilities.

Air – Land Cargo Freight

Air Cargo or air freight is a shipping way that is available for those who need something faster and more secure than trucking or sea way.

There are three ways that air freight moves by plane which are passanger plane, aircraft and chartered flights

Air freight has the advantage of high-speed, time-sensitive shipping to any location in the world, which is extremely beneficial to small and mid-sized businesses.

In time companies need to get from one place to another, as quickly and safely as they can so air cargo becomes more preferable than the other shipment way.

Sea – Land Cargo Freight

Sea freight is the extensive and economic way to transport your goods. This way of transporting is generally prefering large amounts of goods using carrier ships.

There are many ways to ship by sea way; the most common way is container shipments


Full container load(FCL), which you purchase one or more full containers to send on a ship.

Less than container load (LCL),


İn addition to container shipment mode, there are also:


Roll on roll off(RO-RO) The vehicles are onto the vessel to ship.

Dry bulk shipping, used for some specific commodities which are shipped as bulk

Door to Door Land Freight

The shipments move to one point to another point by road through trucks or railway is called as Land freight forwarding.

Land freight is important transportation way for door to door shpts

Also this way is the most used alternative for short range, especially as it allows grand flexibility to pick up shipments.

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