As Speedline, we provide multi-customer and customer-specific logistics facilities, logistics management and transfer centers in customer warehouses, and versatile and integrated warehousing services.

  • Free space storage service
  • Bonded area (Warehouse) storage service
  • Cold/freeze storage service
  • Loading, unloading, picking and packaging services
  • In-warehouse value-added services (packaging, customer-specific barcoding, production/expiry date control, lot/batch control, labeling, repackaging, case assembly, assembly, shrinking, palletizing/depalletizing)
  • Order preparation, waybill and invoicing services
  • Integrations with external systems such as ERP
  • Sample preparation procedures
  • Pallet preparation processes
  • Bonded material import and transfer services

Speedline; Thanks to the Warehousing Services, your products and cargo are transported to the warehouse areas, stored there and delivered by road in the most reliable way.

As Speedline, we reduce the use of resources by redesigning the processes in storage services with the help of our experience and technical knowledge, and we aim to minimize all damages that may arise with control systems by providing maximum efficiency in warehouse management.

Speedline offers you the privileges of a quality and reliable service by offering special solutions that add value to the customer in storage services.

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